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The Fair Play Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 2018 to advance health, education and equality within Scottish society through sport, exercise and leisure activities.

The Foundation builds upon the work previously undertaken by Supporters Direct Scotland and the Colours of our Scarves programme funded by the Scottish Government, which primarily focuses upon tackling hate behaviours and discriminatory attitudes within Scottish sport.

In addition, the Foundation currently runs a range of programmes focusing on health & well being such as our new Active8 programme based out of the Forth Valley area.


The Fair Play Foundation is continually looking to expand existing programmes where there is a need and develop new initiatives. If you would like to discuss potential link up opportunities or to find out  bit more please get in touch.

Effecting positive change through sport

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe through advancing education, equality, diversity and physical activity in Scotland, we can build a more equal, healthier and tolerant society.

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Our Vision

We want Scotland to be the best place in the world to live and one that values education, physical activity and tolerance and equality. Our people are our greatest resource and we believe in helping them to achieve their goals. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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