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Young at heart!

Active Age is a free programme focused on supporting care homes across Lanarkshire specifically focusing on the well being and health of older adults in residential homes.

The aim of Active Age is to offer support and assistance to care homes in Lanarkshire and their residents by providing a physical and mental health stimulus through a series of interactive and fun activity sessions ranging from but not excluded to Exercise to Music, Yoga themed sessions, low impact boxercise, low impact strength and condition sessions, seated sports and activities specifically designed to maintain the quality of life for residents in their later years for as long as possible.

The Active Age programme is tailored towards every individual care home that we work with. We strive to meet the needs and wants of the staff and residents within each care home creating a unique and personalised programme resulting in what we hope is a fun, safe and stimulating experience for all participants.

Dumbbell Workout

What's Involved?

The Active Age programme provides half hour weekly physical activity led sessions, that are tailored to the residents of the care homes. These sessions will primarily be low intensity/low impact seated exercise to music (ETM) and targets specific stability development and promotes continued range of motion with the participants. We strive to ensure that all areas of fitness that are most important to older adults such as mobility and balance are met while ensuring that everyone involved is having fun!

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Contact Us

We'd love to hear from care homes interested in participating in the Active Age programme for the benefit of their residents.

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It is recommended by the NHS that older adults (over the age of 65) should aim to be physically active every day, even if this is just light activity something is better than nothing. Light activity can be:

  • moving around your home

  • going for a slow walk

  • walking at a slow pace

  • anything that gets your body moving!

Research shows that as we age we are more prone to falls and bumps and in turn from this there is an increased likelihood of sustaining injuries from a fall itself. It is always important, as we all age, to best maintain our strength, balance and mobility as this reduces the risk of incidents and injury.

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To get involved we can arrange an initial chat to discuss the residents and what we can offer the care home.

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The residents of the care home will then fill out a readiness questionnaire that consists of medical questions to make sure any exercise prescribed is suitable to them and there are no contradictions to their medication and exercise.

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Once the Readiness questionnaires have been reviewed by us we will arrange a date and time and get started on our sessions

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