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Active Seniors

Our free Active Seniors programme consists of two programmes, each aimed to support those later in their life to stay active. Click the programme logo, email or call 0141 264 2860.


Active Age programme provides programmes and activities for care homes in North and South Lanarkshire. For more info click on the logo above.


Active @ Home      programme provides weekly online activity classes for individuals whom may be isolated living at home in the North and South Lanarkshire areas.

Care homes can download a PARQ here.

Dumbbell Workout
Elderly Woman at Gym


Research shows that as we age we are more prone to falls and bumps and in turn from this there is an increased likelihood of sustaining injuries from a fall itself. It is always important, as we all age to best maintain our strength, balance and mobility as this reduces the risk of incidents and injury.

Why is physical activity important to older adults?

Being inactive and living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health issues like heart and circulatory disease, reduced mobility and other debilitating conditions.

To maintain a healthy heart, the heart needs physical activity to help it work better. Being physically active can lead to many benefits like:

– Reduce the risk of developing heart of circulatory diseases and issues by 35%

– Helps control blood pressure, reduces the bad cholesterol

– Increase the number of calories burnt and help maintain a healthy weight

According to the British Heart Foundation, along with the health benefits that come with physical activity it also helps your general well-being by boosting your mood, improving concentration and memory, and helps you sleep better according to British Heart foundations.

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